A crystallised phantom island  /  2016

Christopher Columbus and other explorers relentlessly searched for the phantom island of Baneque. Guided by a map drawn by Columbus on his first trip to the Americas, the artist traveled to the supposed coordinates of Baneque where he gathered dozens of gallons of water. The island is reconstituted by using the salt water collected; as the water evaporates the salt turns into a crystallized form. The phantom becomes tangible.


A cloud captured inside a marble container  /  25x25x25 cm  /  2011-2012


The breeze of jaguars captured inside a marble container; and dia projection  /  19x19x19 cm  /  2012-2014

Narrative dia projection documenting the process, from its primary source to its final destination, on 11 images.

Slide projection describing the history of the lost natal chart of Austrian psychologist Carl G. Jung; the modification of the chart's replica in order to turn it into a vacuum cleaner container; and, the journey that the artist embarked upon in order to take the breeze of jaguars in its interior.

The Intruder

The highest point of The Netherlands has being stolen /  2014

A work by Oscar Santillan This performance took place at the Bonnefanten Museum (NL) in October 4, 2014 Performing: Donna Gruintjes Kris Borst Marius Borst Paco Gruintjes David Borst Produced by Judith and Chrisje Bruijnzeels Musical direction by Maarten Reumkens Camera by Antonis Antopoulos Thanks to Eveline Arnold, Karin van Wunnik, and the Borst and Gruintjes families This work was developed as part of 'Performing Gender' at the Dutch Dance Festival

A Knife to Defeat the Breeze

The cremated ashes of a coyote fixated on sheets of plexiglass  /  2010-2011

Daybreak (La Habitación Impasible)

Paint removed from the wall and rearranged on the floor  /  2010

The Lookout (El Vigía)

Paint removed from the wall  /  2008-2009